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Welcome to Schoolmall Educational Supplies

Founded in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada , Schoolmall Educational vision is simple; Brighter Futures.

At, we believe to bring the latest innovations to the education system while valuing the traditional methods.

Our mission is to bring the latest innovative products for Schools, Educators, Students and Parents.

While we are entering the post pandemic era, we cherish what we have more than before and we do not take anything for granted.

Now we value more the importance of education and bright minds to cure diseases, saving environment, innovative products to make life easier and enjoyable and safer, and to make a vibrant economy that everybody benefits.

We appreciate your support and we hope that together we can build a brighter future.

Our Products

Cleaning & PPE

Disposable masks, hand sanitizer, surface cleaners, and much more.

Office & Stationary

Pens, binders, calculators, pencil sharpeners, toner cartridges, labels, and more.

Classroom Supplies

Maps, calendars, chemistry kits, wall clocks, chairs, and other classroom supplies.

Student Supplies

Geometry & Math Sets, Pens, ruler sets, scissors, and many more student supplies.

Arts & Crafts

Acrylic Paint, Bracelet Making Kits, Chalk, Coloring Books, Crayons, Face Paint, etc.

Outdoor Learning

Binoculars, Books, Magnifiers, Scissors, Shovels, and other outdoor related products.

Teacher Supplies

Bookmarks, Classroom Decor, File Folders, Lesson Planners, Markers, and much more.

Robotics & Drones

Drones, Robots, Smart Robots, Robotics Kits DIY, Starter Kits, Cameras, and much more.


Keyboards, Mice, Headsets, Webcams, Memory Cards, Phone Chargers, and more.

New Technology

3D Printers, Interactive Touch Screen White Boards, cloud computing, more.

New Products

In this category you will find all of the latest products added to our store.


In this category you will find specialty products like interactive toys, and more.

Featured Products